Build a virtual city, set up shopping centers and factories and create homes for people

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New edition of this famous urban simulation game.

As far as strategy games go, SimCity is a true classic. It lets you become the mayor of a city, where you plan every aspect of its operation and watch it thrive. This most recent edition of the popular game brings with it highly improved graphics and sound, as well as many new options for multiplayer cooperation, competition and fun. If you liked the earlier versions of SimCity, there's a high chance that you'll like this one.

Latest Remake of the Classic Game

The first SimCity was released back in 1988 and made available for the PC and several gaming consoles. New versions of the game, such as SimCity 2000 and SimCity 3000, were released later on, bringing several improvements and new challenges.

The latest edition, simply called SimCity still retains the basics from the original game. You become mayor of your own city and choose how it will develop by making changes to the terrain, building residential, commercial and industrial areas, all while ensuring that your residents are happy and all of their needs are met.

What makes the SimCity series of games so fun is that you get to customize everything about how your city looks and works. You decide what kind of power plants it will use, where to put down the major roads, what kind of transportation options will be available to its residents and more. The challenging part is that you start with a limited budget, so your city will have to start small. Once it begins attracting new residents, you'll earn more money and can use it to construct additional improvements.

Focus on Multiplayer

What sets this latest version of SimCity apart from the previous ones is that it focuses a lot more on multiplayer. When you open up the game, you'll have the option of either starting out a fresh region on your own or to join a populated region that has other player already.

You can still play solo, however this game has been clearly redesigned to promote interactions between players online. One of its drawbacks is that you can't play without being connected to EA's servers, thus making fully offline play impossible. One issue with this is that the servers are sometimes unreliable and many SimCity players have complained about frequent outages. This seems to have improved somewhat in the last few months, but problems with the servers may still appear, which could have a negative impact on your enjoyment of the game.


  • New edition of the highly popular SimCity urban simulation game
  • Vastly improved graphics and sound
  • Build your own city and watch as it thrives
  • One of the best simulation games of all times


  • Playing the game requires connecting to multiplayer servers at all times
  • Game servers have a reputation for being unreliable

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